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July 22, 2007



Hey Kids,
Im so glad that the two of you are happy out there.
Im sorry Betty didnt get her book. I ordered JT's book some time ago from Walmart and he got it on time. Every time there is a new book that comes out I order it for him as a birthday gift. :)
You guys will have to let us know how you like the washer. It is one that washes and drys RIGHT?
miss the tow of you a lot.


We actually got a reply from Amazon saying they can't give the money back because delivery was attempted. I called them and explained there is no way it was attempted, and they gave her money back. One of the couples we work with bought the book today for her. There is a lady who wants to buy Betty's other book for $22 tomorrow, so it worked out in the end. Betty will be in a cave tomorrow reading. We are getting the all in one washer, dryer. I will definately let ya know how it works. We got the 15lb version. It is on temporary back order right now, so we probably won't have it for a few weeks.


You'll have to let me know how you like the mac. I've been wanting one for a while, and right now they have a promotion where I can get a free 4G ipod or use the $199 towards a larger ipod. Miss you guys.

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